Chapel Court

16th May 2019

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Within walking distance to the vibrant town centre of Ormskirk is Chapel Court Retirement Apartments, part of the Riverside Group.

Chapel Court has 41 one-bedroomed apartments for people over 55 and a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere! Built in 1985, the facility offers a restaurant, activity rooms, guest facilities, communal areas and a beautifully tended garden.

At the heart of Chapel Court is the large communal lounge area, an ideal place to meet and catch up on the news. With a refurbishment programme planned, Luceco provided lighting solutions to improve the lit area in communal spaces, corridors and stairwells.

Atlas LED bulkhead luminaires were used in these areas, an attractive alternative to 28 and 38 watt traditional fluorescent fittings.

Energy consumption was reduced by using the integral microwave sensor version with the corridor function selected. This allows the luminaire to reduce the light level and wattage to operate at 10% of the light output when the space is not in use. This allowed energy to be saved without reducing the communal areas and corridors to darkness.

  • Atlas LED bulkhead luminairesinstalled throughout Chapel Court
  • Met brief to improve the lighting in communal spaces, corridors and stairwells
  • Met environmental considerations by reducing energy consumption by 40%

The programme also included floodlights externally and the employment of the Climate, a robust luminaire perfect for harsh environments such as kitchens, storage facilities, workshops and corridors and as the Atlas, offering up to 50,000 hours of maintenance free life.

It is quoted that the occupants at Chapel Court live life to the full. With improved lighting and energy costs reduced by 40%, that’s also worth celebrating!