Heavenly Celeste at St Teresa House

15th October 2021

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St Teresa House is a contemporary student accommodation facility located in a popular academic area on Beaumont Road in Plymouth. Close to the University of Plymouth and the city centre, a wide range of cluster apartments and studio flats along with social and study spaces provide excellent accommodation.

Luceco has recently supplied a variety of luminaires for the communal areas of the facility during recent internal works, including the entrance lobby, retail area, common room, stairwells, and corridors. Other service areas such as laundry room, stores, plant room and lift motor room also had fittings from Luceco installed.

Carbon downlighters are an ideal replacement for compact fluorescent fittings and designed to retrofit ceiling cut outs of common traditional downlights. Carbon was used in the main lobby area and corridors along with Tempest Extra self-test emergency downlighters complete with corridor optic. This recessed mounted high output emergency downlight with open area or corridor lens distribution is available in Self- test or Emergency Dali and compliments other principal luminaires, providing 3 hours non maintained emergency lighting which is an essential element to the lighting of a communal space. Stairs and stairwells were lit with Celeste energy saving bulkhead luminaires. Celeste is an attractive circular LED luminaire featuring a ‘corona’ backlight effect with a direct / indirect light distribution which can be wall or ceiling mounted as at St Teresa House or suspended as a pendant luminaire. Climate Extra was installed in the utility spaces, such as plant and storage areas.

The common room was lit with linear recessed arrays of the Contour luminaire. The LED lighting system consists of connectable modules that can be surface mounted, suspended or recessed as at St Teresa House. Contour has a full range of illuminated interconnecting modules as well as an integrated driver with quick electrical connectors for ease of installation. Contour has a 5 – 7 year extended warranty available and offers over 100,000 hours operational life, making the luminaire ideal for communal environments with high working hours.

Stuart Tiday, Electrical Project Manager at Intoheat based in Exeter said “the internal works included a considerable lighting refurbishment programme which has resulted in the lit environment being significantly improved. Furthermore, the LED technology used in luminaires from Luceco will provide a welcome reduction in running costs for St Teresa House as well as reducing future maintenance.”