Warranties you can rely on


Luceco provide a warranty on all products. The warranty shall only apply to Luceco branded lighting products sold in the UK and shall apply for the benefit of the End User.
Luceco warrants that all LED lighting products comply with their published specifications at the time of sale and are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

The Warranty is subject to the terms and conditions set out below; however, your statutory rights as a consumer (if applicable) are not affected in any way.
The Warranty set out herein shall be valid for the specified Warranty period from the invoice date of purchasing the product by the End User.
If any Product fails, Luceco will provide free replacement of the failed product subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.



Luceco LED lighting Products come with a 1 year manufacturers Guarantee as standard. Many product ranges include an additional warranty period ranging from 1 year to 6 years (additional to the 1-year Guarantee) based on the specification of the product. The warranty for each product range can be found on our website www.luceco.com



Luceco’s total liability in connection with the provision of the Products shall be limited to the price paid by the customer for that Product.


Should a Luceco LED luminaire or lamp fail within the warranty period from the invoice date, Luceco will provide replacement products free of charge.

The acceptance of any claim under this Warranty is subject to our Warranty terms and conditions:

  • The installed burning hours cannot exceed the stated lifetime of the product.
  • Luceco are granted access to the failed Product or system for verification of non-compliance if required at Luceco’s sole discretion.
  • The End User must be able to produce a valid proof of purchase (physical or online).
  • Any claim under this Warranty must be reported to Luceco within 30 days of discovery and any Product or part may need to be returned promptly to Luceco at its request.
  • Any claim under this Warranty must be made in writing and specify details of the failed Product, purchase date, installation date, description of problem, number and percentage of failures, product code, batch code, application, hours burned.
  • In the event of the replacement Product being supplied, such product will be warranted for the unexpired portion of the original warranty.


Luceco shall not be liable for replacement of any Product in the event that it has failed due to:

  • Non-compliance with installation and safety regulations given in the installation instructions.
  • Faults caused by the installer through installation or testing errors including, but not limited to, connection to an incorrect or unstable power supply.
  • If the Product has not been installed by a qualified electrician if applicable by law or
    regulations or as instructed by Luceco.
  • Consumable components such as emergency batteries are warrantied separately to the luminaire warranty. All emergency batteries have a design life of 4 years and
    are supplied with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Inappropriate use or intentional damage by the owner or third parties.
  • Repairs or Modifications carried out by parties other than a Luceco authorised representative.
  • External influences (e.g. weather, transit damage).
  • Use of non-approved parts such as lamps, care products and incorrect or third party supplied spare parts.
  • Accidental damage.

If no fault can be found for which Luceco is responsible, in accordance with the terms & conditions of the Warranty, Luceco reserves the right to invoice customers with reasonable costs in accordance with Luceco’s rates. Carriage costs of returned items are not covered by the Warranty.


Luceco shall not be liable for any loss of profit, or any special, indirect or consequential loss, or any costs, damages, charges, fees or expenses except for liability that Luceco is not allowed to exclude by law.


This warranty applies to Luceco qualifying luminaires that use an integrated LED light source and is limited to the LED light source and control gear technologies.

Qualifying products and any labour associated with a warranty replacement are covered for the first year. Labour will only be subject to Luceco responsibility if the product is installed.

  • The on-site Warranty applies from the date of purchase and is applicable to:
  • Products purchased within in the United Kingdom only;
  • New Products purchased from an official Luceco Wholesaler;
  • The original Purchaser only.
  • The Warranty does not apply:
    • To lamps or tubes or Products supplied with replaceable Lamps;
    • To Products that were procured second hand, at an auction, or by any other means.



In the event of any technical queries, customers are requested to contact the Luceco
Technical Helpline for advice on or +44 (0)1952 238 128 or via email on
[email protected]


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