Callisto stars with Luceco!

11th February 2020

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Luceco has recently launched a brand-new edition to their LED luminaire range.  Callisto is a contemporary and stylish linear LED surface mounted luminaire, offering over 100,000 hours of maintenance free, operational life with an efficacy of 135 Llm/cW, and lumen output variants ranging from 11,000lm up to 32,000lm.

Callisto is a high-level LED luminaire designed as an alternative to traditional HID and T5 lamp luminaires. Environmentally friendly, with no warm up time to produce 100% light output and no maintenance over its lifetime, Callisto offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional luminaires.  Suitable for many commercial applications such as front of house and high street environments, Callisto also benefits from IK10 rating so can be used in semi industrial applications as well recreational and sports facilities, offering both wide and narrow optical light distribution.

Callisto is available as fixed output, DALI dimmable, emergency back-up variants, PIR and Luceco’s Wireless Lighting Controls and offers excellent photometric performance, as well as being a very visually pleasing energy saving luminaire.

According to Ancient Greek mythology, Callisto is the fourth Galilean moon of Jupiter. Callisto was also the daughter of King Lycaon and set among the stars as “the Great Bear”. Callisto is definitely performing a starring role in the LED luminaire offering from Luceco!