Kuwait International Airport

27th March 2017

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Luceco has recently relit the Departure & Arrival Gates, Immigration Counters and public areas at Kuwait International Airport, an established regional air hub in the Gulf. First opened in 1928 as a refuelling point for British planes on their way to India, Kuwait International Airport has seen many refurbishments and additions to its infrastructure. Luceco met the design brief which included energy efficient lighting with low maintenance that would provide the airport with cost savings whilst enhancing the passenger experience through more effective lighting.

Supplied through Musaed Salem Al-Abduljader Co, Luceco delivered the LED lighting solution required with a quantity of over 6000 18W Carbon luminaires replacing 2X26W CFL Downlights.

Carbon Downlights are an ideal replacement for compact fluorescent downlights, offering running cost savings of more than 60%. Designed to retrofit ceiling cut outs of common compact fluorescent downlights, the Carbon is also supplied with interchangeable bezel options.

With the project completed, CO2omissions have been reduced by over 9 tonnes annually and energy savings of 68% have been calculated with additional savings gained from not having to replace failed fluorescent lamps, providing a truly no maintenance, cost effective LED lighting solution for Kuwait International Airport.