Navigation House Wakefield and District Housing

15th February 2016

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Navigation House, the head offices for Wakefield & District Housing, have just completed a lighting refurbishment at their Castleford site.

Significant savings have been made by replacing the existing T5 fluorescent luminaires with energy saving LED 17W Backlit LuxPanels complete with dimming controls and Carbon Downlights in circulation areas and corridors.

LuxPanels are supplied with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers and are available in standard fixed output, dimmable and emergency options. Quick and easy to install with no maintenance requirements and no visible frame when installed in the ceiling grid, the Backlit LuxPanels have the additional benefit of 13% extra visible light when compared with other LED panel luminaires.

Carbon Downlights are an ideal replacement for compact fluorescent downlights, offering running cost savings of up to 60%. Designed to retrofit ceiling cut outs of common compact fluorescent downlights, the Carbon is also supplied with interchangeable bezel options.

With the project completed, CO2 emissions have been reduced by over 22 tonnes each year and energy savings have been calculated at over £6,000 per annum, with additional savings gained from not having to replace failed fluorescent lamps.