Abdul Razzak Al Basir Secondary School

9th Mai 2019

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Luceco has recently supplied Abdul Razzak Al Basir Secondary School in Rumaithiya province in Kuwait with a complete LED lighting solution during a recent refurbishment. In partnership with Musaed Salem Abdul Jader Co, the school is the first establishment for the Ministry of Education in the State of Kuwait, to be completely lit by energy saving, cost effective LED lighting. The original school was constructed 25 years ago, the new school complex being built directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, at the same location. The refurbishment has provided the school with improved classrooms, theatre and assembly areas, free flowing corridors, and most importantly, better play areas.

Ease of movement around the new school has been enhanced by improved lighting. Attention was given to the lit route between lessons to ensure quick and safe access for both staff and pupils. Uniformity of light and good luminaire choice is a key consideration when lighting educational establishments. The use of LED LuxPanels prevent intrusion from the luminaire helping to create an open space for a large quantity of people to move around in.

IP65 rated Climate LED luminaires were used in Workshops, Plantrooms, and Storage areas with versatile IP65 rated LED Atlas luminaires used on stairwells and entrances. Titan Hibays were installed in sport facility areas to achieve the required lux levels. The High Bay is available in 110W and 200W options offering high efficacy providing instant light unlike traditional HID fittings, also with over 50,000 hours of maintenance free operation. Restrooms were lit with Carbon Downlights.

The theatre at the Abdul Razzak Al Basir Secondary School is used for hosting many events throughout the school’s busy calendar and has been lit with Platinum Downlights from Luceco providing excellent energy saving credentials of up to 80% when compared with conventional lighting solutions. Platinum features easy fit positive locating swing out tabs and interchangeable bezel options and is ideal for use with sensors and lighting controls as well as being designed to retrofit ceiling cut outs of common compact fluorescent downlights.

Contemporary by-directional Architectural Wall lights and Guardian Pro LED flood lights were used to light the exterior of the school. Architectural Wall is a surface mounting LED luminaire designed for a creative lighting effect whilst delivering functional lighting to the exterior space. Architectural Wall has an attractive anthracite IP65 rated aluminium housing and polycarbonate optic providing a contemporary appearance to enhance any outside space.

Abdul Razzak Al Basir Secondary School in Rumaithiya has been designed and reconstructed to enrich the lives and culture of both pupils and staff alike. The new buildings have an impressive appearance that will enhance the learning experience for its pupils. Furthermore, Abdul Razzak Al Basir Secondary School now benefits from the huge advantages of LED energy efficient luminaries compared to traditional light sourced fittings, providing cost effective, durable, and safe lighting to meet the demands of any educational environment.