Blue Chip company in Surrey

9th Mai 2019

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Luceco has also supplied LuxPanel luminaires to the production and warehousing facility. The High Efficiency LuxPanel offers a premium frameless appearance with lower wattage and higher efficacy than other LED luminaires. Luceco was selected as the best lighting solution, providing a bespoke lightweight luminaire with Gripple fixings and improved energy performance, with the lowest wattage solution by 25% and the preferred colour temperature of 6000K.

There was also a requirement to ensure a minimum of 500 Lux at desk surface after 5 years, from 4.6m height. Luceco suppled a quantity of 1500 LED 24W High Efficiency LuxPanels to replace 4x36w multi lamp fluorescent fittings.

In conclusion, the brief was to improve light levels and reduce energy consumption by 50%, reducing energy bills by over 50% over a period of 5 years. To date, Luceco have provided LED lighting technology that has reduced energy consumption by 80%, saved 220 tonnes of CO2 per year and will achieve an ROI payback of 2.1 years!