7th marzo 2018

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Luceco proud to be at Expo Lighting America in Mexico City.

With the amazing growth of the Luceco brand in Mexico and the Latin American market, we were given the opportunity to be part of one of the key lighting events in the world of lighting, the Expo Lighting America.

The Expo Lighting America or «ELA» is an annual event where designers, architects, large users and government representatives exchange industry trends and innovations in design and technology that enrich their knowledge and inspire new creations.

The conference exceeded our expectation for attendee numbers with a great mix of contractors and distributors who were fully engaged and enjoying our exhibit and products. Our team met some amazing people at ELA and received fantastic feedback on what our products offer.

Hector Guerrero, General Manager of Luceco Mexico, and his team were delighted to be part of the expo. They were joined by John Williams, Specification Director of the Group.

Hector presented at ELA, talking about Luceco and the global weight of the brand, as well as our latest product innovations. He also opened a Q&A session, which gave him insight into current industry topics and trends as well as providing an opportunity to establish new contacts in the world of lighting.