18th mars 2018

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Lighting controls are now affordable and no longer complicated.

Lighting Control requirement in commercial environments may occur for many reasons including building control regulations, environmental standards, or simply the desire to save energy and money. Luceco has collaborated with LiteIP to provide a flexible, intelligent wireless lighting system requiring no complicated electrical installation and no limit to the number of luminaires that can be controlled. Throughout the new Luceco Lighting Catalogue, compatible products carry the LiteIP logo for ease of specification.

LiteIP requires no special lighting controls design work. Each wireless luminaire is programmed to operate using drag and drop menus within LiteIP software. Changes to individual luminaire operation, to improve light usage, can be made without the need to alter any wiring. Furthermore, emergency lighting tests can be run automatically, with monitoring email alerts and reports generated avoiding the need for manual recording of results.

The lighting installation is also simple and can be completed as if no lighting controls are required, each luminaire needs only Live, Earth and Neutral, no expensive control cables are needed. This is followed by a commissioning engineer setting up the system on-site, applying settings and grouping luminaires as required. LiteIP is compatible with all driver types including DSI, DALI and 1-10 V. Other features include presence and daylight detection, energy monitoring and reporting.

Lighting controls are now affordable and no longer complicated, just specify Luceco LiteIP luminaires for a full lighting control system!