Flawless installation

Less time on site

speed and ease of installation are guaranteed thanks to ftypetm clip&fittm and speedfittm wiring design.

Flawless performance

Incorporating both thermalrodtm heatsink and crystaline opticstm designs, ftypetm is engineered to deliver flawless performance and reliability.

Flawless efficiency

Less wattage, more output

delivering 100lm/w, ftypetm produces more light output using less energy compared to other downlights on the market – an energy saving of 25% compared to other led downlights.

FType Promotional Video

ThermalRod heatsink

The ThermalRod heatsink, with its 9 precision columns maximises thermal transfer and air circulation, extending the life of the LED chips.

Crystaline optics

Unique lens design with wide 60-degree provide crystal clear low glare halogen like appearance.

Wide range of customisations

A range of wattages, colour temperatures and full family of interchangeable bezels available in multiple designs and colour finishes. *Flat white bezel supplied with product.

Full compliance

FType has been tested to all the relevant UK building regulations to ensure trouble free installation in any residential or commercial project.

High performance

Super-efficient Samsung LED chips provide the latest technology and maximum reliability.