17th octubre 2017

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Contour from Luceco is the ideal luminaire replacement in retail and commercial environments.

Contour from Luceco is the ideal linear fluorescent luminaire replacement where continuous runs of illumination are required in retail and commercial environments. The LED lighting system consists of connectable modules offered in 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm lengths that can be surface mounted, suspended or recessed. Seamless runs of energy saving, cost effective LED lighting can be created with interconnecting power and module connectors.

Manufactured as a premium aluminium extrusion with high quality polycarbonate opal diffuser, micro prism or asymmetric optic distribution options, Contour has a full range of illuminated interconnecting modules as well as an integrated driver with quick electrical connectors for ease of installation. Interconnecting modules include corner connectors, T junction and cross pieces.

Contour has a 5-year extended warranty available and offers over 50,000 hours operational life, with no maintenance over the lifetime of the luminaire, an important factor when considering applications such as retail environments where 24 hours a day operation may be required. Other options include direct and indirect lighting distribution as well as DALI and emergency Self-Test variants.